The conceit of The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands” is that each song is attributed to a different fictional band. It’s a great album and each band” has a different style.

Sadly both Apple Music and Spotify fail to convey this in their metadata, and of course, one of the things that is missing from streaming services is liner notes and album artwork (apart from the cover). Portions shown below.

The proper track listing (exclusive of bonus material) is:

  1. The Battle of the Bands” by The U.S. Teens featuring Raoul
  2. The Last Thing I Remember” by The Atomic Enchilada
  3. Elenore” by Howie, Mark, Johny, Jim & Al
  4. Too Much Heartsick Feeling” by Quad City Ramblers
  5. Oh, Daddy!” by The L.A. Bust 66
  6. Buzzsaw” by The Fabulous Dawgs
  7. Surfer Dan” by The Cross Fires
  8. I’m Chief Kamanawanalea (We’re the Royal Macadamia Nuts)” by Chief Kamanawanalea and his Royal Macadamia Nuts
  9. You Showed Me” by Nature’s Children
  10. Food” by The Bigg Brothers
  11. Chicken Little Was Right” by Fats Mallard and the Bluegrass Fireball
  12. Earth Anthem” by All

Note: Fucked Up did the same thing on a release I was lucky to pick up on Record Store Day in 2011. Also the punk band All (Descendants offshoot) does not appear to be named after the fake Turtles band.


March 4, 2024