How to use an Apple Magic trackpad in Windows with a generic PC.

I like using desktop computers, and I like avoiding RSI. One way I like to do this is to switch between using a mouse with my right hand, and a trackpad with the left. I switch hands pretty regularly, and there are some things that work better with a mouse (precision) and other things that work better with a trackpad (multitasking gestures).

Apple makes the best external trackpad, and its trackpad software (including Boot Camp drivers) has always been excellent. But while Apple supports using its Magic Trackpad in Windows, this is limited to Boot Camp (running Windows on Macs). Apple does not support using a Magic Trackpad on a generic PC. Here is how to do it anyway.

  1. Pair the Magic Trackpad to the PC via Bluetooth. Don’t attach it via USB.

You can place a Magic Trackpad into pairing mode by turning it on and then off (with the power switch) 5 times in rapid succession.

After this cursor movement but not clicking and gestures should work.

  1. Locate the file AppleBcUpdate.exe” — you can find it somewhere I’m sure. I did.

This is a self-executing zip file. Rename it to .zip and many standard compression apps can unpack it.

  1. Locate ApplePrecisionTrackpadBluetooth.inf among the unzipped files. Right click it, and install it.

  2. Enjoy. This makes the Magic Trackpad show up as a Precision Trackpad” in Windows, and you can use the standard Windows settings to control gestures and such.


March 1, 2024