Accessing iCloud Drive on Windows can be a bit confusing since if you pin C:\Users\USERNAME\iCloudDrive\Desktop” to Quick Access in Explorer, it just shows up as Desktop” — and there is no way to have a Quick Access shortcut with a different name than the folder itself. Obviously it is useful to easily distinguish Windows Desktop from iCloud Desktop. Further, you cannot pin standard Windows shortcuts” to Quick Access. The workaround is to create a Pinned Folders” (or other name) folder in your home directory, and then run (from CMD; you’d need a different syntax in PowerShell):

mklink /J "C:\Users\USERNAME\Pinned Folders\iCloud Desktop" "C:\Users\USERNAME\iCloudDrive\Desktop"

and so on. I supposed you can just have them in your home directory. Anyway, you can then drag this symbolic link into Quick Access and it will have a less annoying name.


April 1, 2024