He that will intend to take his rest must goe to bed animo securo, quieto & libero, with a ysecure and composed minde, in a quiet place: omnia noctis erunt placidâ composta quiete; and if that will not serve, or may not be obtained, to seeke then such means as are requisite. To lye in clean linnen and sweet; before he goes to bed, or in bed, to hear zsweet Musick, which Ficinus commends lib. I. cap. 24. or as Jobertus med. pract. lib. 3. cap. 10. ato read some pleasant Author till he be asleep, to have a bason of water still dropping by his bed side, or to lie near that pleasant murmure, lene sonantis aquae, Some floud-gates, arches, falls of water, like London Bridge, or some continuate noise which may benum the senses, lenis motus, silentium & tenebrae, tum & ipsa voluntas somnos faciunt; as a gentle noyse to some procures sleepe, so, which Bernardinus Tilesius lib. de somno well observes, silence, in a darke roome, and the will it selfe, is most available to others. Piso commends frications, Andrew Borde a good draught of strong drinke before one goes to bed; I say, a nutmeg and ale, or a good draught of muscadine, with a tost and nutmeg, or a posset of the same, which many use in a morning, but me thinks, for such as have drie braines, are much more proper at night; some prescribe a bsup of vineger as they go to bed, a spoonefull, saith Aetius Tetrabib. lib. 2. ser. 2. cap. 10. lib. 6. cap. 10. Aegineta lib. 3. cap. 14. Piso, a little after meat, cbecause it rarefies melancholy, and procures an appetite to sleep.
ySepositis curis omnibus quantum fieri potest, una cum vestibus, &c. Kirkst.zAd horam somni aures suavibus cantibus & sonis delinire.aLectio jucunda, aut sermo, ad quem attentior animus convertitur, aut aqua ab alto in subjectum pelvim delabatur, &c. Ovid.bAceti sorbitiocAttenuat melancholiam, et ad conciliandum somnum juvat.

How to Get to Sleep.

Yes, all of that, and I also recommend Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra, listening to podcasts or recorded lectures on dry subjects, or, if you truly cannot get to sleep, diphenhydramine. If you ever snap awake in the middle of the night or very early morning, it may be because you have low blood sugar; try eating a little peanut butter or mixing some sugar in water. Non-electronic white noise machines–that is, machines that actually generate noise by whooshing around air–are much to be preferred over smartphone apps and the like.