Listen: There is no debate on this. It’s pork roll. Taylor is a brand, much like Case, and they are the two major pork roll producers. Calling pork roll “Taylor ham” is akin to calling all tissues “Kleenex.” It’s simply not correct. The end. And for those of you on the wrong side of the data-driven map (see attached), I feel sorry for you. I do empathize; after all, you were brought up this way. But it’s time to change.

Especially after what you’re about to read.

Sit down. This is going to shatter north Jersey. I almost feel bad about this.

Here we go.

When those of you living in north Jersey order a “Taylor ham, egg and cheese,” chances are the “Taylor ham” you’re eating is …

Case pork roll.

From diners to delis, supermarket shelves to WaWa, if it’s pork roll and it doesn’t say “Taylor,” it’s almost certainly Case.

If you call pork roll ‘Taylor ham,’ you’re twice wrong