Speaking of radio, you guys work with Tom Scharpling quite a bit. How’d you get involved with him?

Tim: We applied. He has an application process where if you want to be on his radio show, you have to fill out an application. We just kinda came up in the lottery with him.

Eric: Yeah, to be honest with you, we sent applications out to every radio show. We tried to limit the college/indie-kind of thing. Tom Likus, out in L.A., that’ll be a great place for us.

Tim: Our goal is to get on Tom Likus and to get on the Ryan Seacrest show out here. He has a morning radio show. He plays the kind of music we like, which is Top 40. And if you listen to his show, he’ll have big stars on. Sometimes they’ll call in to promote whatever movie they’re in or even if they’re just on a TV show. But apparently, the show we do doesn’t have the ratings to deserve us going on the Ryan Seacrest morning show, which sucks. Because the top goal, for us, right now, is to get on his show.

Eric: It’s highly political out here, and, a radio show like Tom Scharpling’s is a step. It’s just a step in, not necessarily the direction we want to go in, but it’s getting some exposure out there for us.

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