New York is fine. I like New York. Maybe I even love New York, but I grew up with New York half an hour away my whole life. Unlike all the people who live there now who grew up in Delaware, South Carolina, or wherever and then they act like, “I’m a New Yorker because I lived here for five months.” They’re going to tell what’s going on. I went into New York every week with my parents to help them with their business my whole life. I had a pretty good handle on New York. I have a driveway, a back yard, a car, a dog that isn’t all cooped up, and I go a half hour through the tunnel and I’m in the city. I use New York, I leave New York, and then I go back to my house. People think that New Jersey is some monologue joke with toxic dumps. Take a look at New York. You might want to take a closer look at where you’re actually living. Ultimately, if people don’t want to come to New Jersey, fine. It’s more room for the people who get it.
Tom Scharpling